A number of animated characters taking pictures This photo belongs to the animation of stories by Saadi Shirazi

Saadi Shirazi Cast

Technique: 3D

Producer and director: Soroush Khademi

Film score music & Sound Design: Ali Atashafrooz

Author: Keyvan Eslahpazir, Nasreen Joghtaei

Animators: Mostafa Khademi, Pooya Burhan, Maysam Qajari

Dubbing manager: Shaukat Hojjat

Four farmer men talking together - this picture is related to the animation by Saadi Shirazi with music and sound design by Ali Atashafrooz

Based on the tales of ‘Bustan’ and ‘Golestan‘ by the 13th-century Persian poet Saadi, the series has been produced by IRIB’s Fars provincial channel.

Composed of 32 episodes and titled ‘Saadi Shirazi’s stories”

This Animation was Written by Kevan Eslahpazir, and Nasreen Joghtaei and the animated series has been directed by Soroush Khademi.

The music and sound design of this animation were done by Ali Atashafrooz.

Saadi Shirazi is one of the greatest figures in classical Persian literature. His most famous works worldwide are ‘Bustan’ and ‘Golestan

Four old political men - Saadi's stories series - music and sound design by Ali Atashafrooz


Saadi’s stories animation series; Sweeter than sugar, it is taken from the instructive anecdotes of Bostan and Golestan Saadi. In each part of the series, one of the stories suitable for children and teenagers is selected, and by creating a story that matches the short storyline of the story, while being faithful to the main theme, a 10-12 minute script is written and an animation is made based on it. The multi-line stories of Golestan or Bostan are readable texts, and in order to become a drama, it is necessary to rewrite and expand the narrative, and in this collection, it has been tried not to sacrifice the instructive aspect of the story to create a dramatic situation. In this work, more than 70 characters and 40 3D locations have been created.

In the dubbing of this collection, due to its importance, masters, and veterans in the field of dubbing have been used.

the old man - saadi shirazi -Animation - Music & Sound design by Ali Atashafrooz

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