Happy Island cartoon - the Sunich s' ship-Animated picture-Beach and forest-Some cartoon animals - Music & Sound design Ali Atashafrooz

Five small and playful animals who live side by side on the happy island, form a friendly and intimate relationship between themselves through games and entertainment and…


A cartoon elephant turning the ship's rudder - Happy island cartoon - Sunich company - Music & Sound design by Ali Atashafrooz


Music & Sound Design:  Ali Atashafrooz

Director:Maziar Mohammadinejad


The Happy Island of Sunich Company is an 11-episode TV series cartoon, produced in 2021.

Sunich's cartoon ship in sea water - Happy island cartoons

The Happy island collection of Sunich is made in various episodes with fantasy and happy looks. This series is produced by Alifard (Sunich) company and made by Zagros Film animation studio.